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Technical Information for Writers

Mastering the plot points that matter

10 Plot twist ideas and prompts for writers:

Tired plot clichés to avoid:

Tips for giving your characters the best names:

Reveal character backstory strategically:

Use of backstory in your novel

Ground your reader with story setting

Visual storytelling in character-driven drama: 

Writing multiple POVs:         

10 Ways to hook your readers (and keep them reading)

Tips to Writing Eye-Catching Headlines

How to write the perfect book description (blurb):

How to write an enticing book description

4 Steps for perfecting One-Page and Long-Form Synopses:

Tips for Creating an Enticing Book Cover:

How to find and work with beta-readers:

Resources for Writers

Rule of fiction logicTruth stranger than fiction (vintage article by Lawrence Block):

Should you copyright your writing before submitting to agents and editors?

Best writing advice websites:

The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2020

75 Grammar rules for writers:

63 Grammar rules for writers

What you need to know about writing critique groups:

Apple Books for Authors: Resources on writing, publishing, and marketing books on the platform:

How to get book bloggers to promote your book:

How to find and work with beta-readers:

Articles on how to write publishable short stories: https: //

General Information for Mystery Writers/Readers

Difference between crime novels, mystery novels and thrillers:

List of crime scene Do Nots

When does appropriation become plagiarism?

The state of crime-writing in 2020: Parts 1 & 2

Ten iconic crime fiction series of the 1960s to binge read

12 Gripping true crime books

The women who shaped the past 100 years of American literature:

100 Years of Agatha Christie novels:

Agatha Christie’s influence on mystery writers:

100 Common publishing terms:

What was the bestselling book the year you were born?: